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This is a wiki for our local Pathfinder game.

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I will post information about the game, loot lists, non-player character bios, and quest progress on this page. For now, look at the getting started page!

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  • new page Spellbook: The Book Of Harms
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: 5.  Book of Harms, Evocation Spell Level Spell Name School of Magic 1 Burning Hands Evocation Color Spray ...
    Summary: Added a new spellbook
  • new page Spellbook: Travelers' Tome
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: Spell Level Spell Name School of Magic 1 Ant Haul Transmutation Enlarge Person Transmutation Erase ...
    Summary: Add
  • new page Absalom
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: Contents[show] Absalom Edit Absalom (City) Titles City at the Center of the World, Patchwork City, City of Buried Treasures Size ...
    Summary: Add a page
  • new page The Unnamed Journal
    created by Ndeeter
    New page: *When you prepare a spell from this list, you may add one scroll of any spell on this list to your inventory, immediately for free. Spell Level...
  • new page The Apprentice Chapbook of Rul Thaven + Mysterious Swarm Pamphlet
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: This slim chapbook is carefully but amateurishly bound, with leather stretched tight across thin boards. The writing inside is fussy and crammed...
  • new page Spellbook: Defensive Primer
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: This surprisingly ornate and heavy volume is more than three-quarters empty. Tightly written notes on the precepts of arcane defense and the...
  • edit Spells
    edited by A FANDOM user diff
  • new page Spells
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: Cantrips (level-0 spells) Task Spells (School) Sample Circumstance Utility Spell Drench (CONJ) Read Magic (DIV) ...
    Summary: Added Cantrips
  • new page Examples of Character Backgrounds
    created by Ndeeter
    New page: A good character needs a background, a dialect, a personality and an envisioned way of handling all sorts of situations. I'm providing some examples...
    Summary: Added Chad's Character Backgrounds
  • edit Getting Started...
    edited by Ndeeter diff

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